About US

Print life is a company with technology to make printing easy on all surface with highly skilled professionals in managed environment.

We are in the domain of Corporate Gifting & printing and aim for giving the power of choice to our clients to customize various Articles..

Who We Are?

   • Print life is India’s first professional printing solutions company.
   • A one-stop provider of all your print requirements - We provide a single window to address all printing requirements of your organization, from your Business Cards to your Direct Mailers and all small and large formats B/w & Colour Printing.
   • Capable of addressing all small and large volume requirements - Using different technologies, we can provide excellent value for both small volume and large volume requirements.
   • Providing innovative mass customized printing products - The advantages you get are three-fold; single vendor for all your printing requirements, consistent quality and turn-around-time, improved control of costs and consistency

   * We provide the complete solution to your printing needs. Whether you require a corporate full color event Posters, or a catalog showcasing your products, or range of customized Corporate Gifting Solutions, Print Life can produce a high quality print solution that achieves excellence for your organization.
   * Print Life offers the knowledge, capability and experience to accomplish results for your corporate, marketing and communication challenges.
   * Print Life has served the full array of corporate clients in Bangalore, including Information & Technology, Banking, Educational Institutes and Marketing Companies. We seek to specifically serve the mid-to large company market, and welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your printing and Corporate Gifting needs and learn how print life can produce products that stay within your budget and timeline requirements. We want to be your print Partner for life.
   * We will be in touch in the next few days, or feel free to contact Print Life directly at +91- 8050848618 or visit www.printlife.in for more information.

Why Print Life?

     There are numerous reasons why corporate choose us as their printing partner, among those the major reason is that we understand your business printing challenges, so we have designed our services that keep things off your head — so you can focus your energy on growing your company, not managing your printing resources and equipments.

   * Large and growing enterprises depend heavily on print as an effective form of communication which is quite challenging to manage. Typical challenges include reducing costs, managing delivery timelines, managing transaction costs, monitoring quality and evaluating multiple print vendors each fiscal. Given this challenge, firms are increasingly turning to PrintLife Services for a solution.
   * We Solve the Problem:
      => Single Vendor for all print needs & Corporate Gifting requirements.
      => Guaranteed On time Delivery.
      => Consistent print quality.
      => Complete control of print & Customization cost.

Our Value:

Solutions approach: You provide Final Product specs, Budget & Timeline only, Printlife takes care of everything else.
• Consistency-Branding, Communication, Deliverables - Since Printlife is your single-window provider, branding consistency can be maintained across multiple forms of printed Communication and multiple geographies. IP protection is also built into the process. All customer documents are shredded after use and all customer files are deleted until they are requested for archival.
• Control-Budget, Cost, Quality, Timeline and IP - Most printing is ordered in smaller volumes and multiple instances (except for items like annual reports), making it very difficult to track from a cost perspective. Moreover the pricing is fixed by one department (Procurement/Admin) while ordering is done by a different department. Hence validation is difficult. With a single vendor like us, it becomes easy.

Corporate Solutions

     Why Print Life !
There are numerous reasons why corporates choose us as their printing partner, among those the major reason is that we understand your business printing challenges, so we have designed our services that keep things off your head — so you can focus your energy on growing your company, not managing your printing resources and equipments

   * Engagement :
- Corporate Sales Team : Account Executives with named accounts-We assign dedicated Sales Team only for corporate customers for better accountability and execution excellence
- Online Enquiries

Print Life's Partnerships:

     Printlife’s supplier network has been carefully nurtured, we work with suppliers who have a cultural understanding of quality, timelines and business ethics. Our print-partners are in effect evaluated by the same yardstick by which we are evaluated by our customers. Printlife has access to the best in class print facilities and technologies with its partners. From Xerox’s and HP’s high end digital presses to Mitsubishi and Heidelberg offset presses and from high speed folding and creasing finishers to automated screen printing equipment, Printlife has the ability to deliver on an exceptionally wide product range.

   * Printlife’s Vendor Partners benefit from the increased business volume without any marketing spend and Printlife benefits from lower costs due to demand aggregation across customers.
   * The most important aspect of Printlife’s Vendor Partner Network is our ability to provide customers with almost unlimited capacity on demand and an unbeatable redundancy.
Monitoring and managing print jobs across this network is really at the core of our promise to deliver on time, every time!

Print Procurement

     Large and growing customers use Printlife to reduce their print procurement challenges. Printlife offers procurement management services for regular print requirements as well as one-off transactions. In constant effort to rationalise print vendors, in certain cases customers also transfer their vendor relationships to Printlife, thus retaining any experience curve value developed over the years.

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